Oxidised Necklace – All You Need To Know

Oxidised Necklace – All You Need To Know

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Feel like a gypsy princess who is ready to be the king of the world in your rustic style. Make a statement with your kitschy display of pastoral glam. If you are looking to create your most authentic character, oxidised jewellery is what you require. It exudes the old-fashioned natural, wild, and raw style that women love. It's got a generous dose of nostalgia that is absolutely captivating.

Mix it up with flowing patterns with sheer blacks, pure whites, ferocious monochromes or pastel ensembles. Oxidised jewellery always provides the best biggest bang for your buck.

What is OXIDISED Jewelry

Oxidation of sterling or silver the silver is caused by exposure to oxygen for the course of an atmosphere of pressure. Jewelry made of oxidised silver has a vintage look and is not adorned with the typical sheen or lustre of other metals. However, it has a distinct metallic appearance that makes it appear rare and antique.

The blackish-colored finish is added to silver jewelry by deliberately expose it to air that is sulphur-rich or immersing it into potassium sulfur. The jewelry created by this technique is distinctive and is made using geometric, traditional, or ethnic designs that are paired with precious or semi-precious stones, or in combination with other metals such as copper, bronze, and gold, and copper.


Jewelry made from oxidised metal is in high demand because of its classic appearance that when worn is a play on light and shadow on the fabric and gives the wearer an airy look. Statement rings, necklaces and earrings that feature tribal designs are popular with fashion-conscious women.

In addition to the aesthetics, jewellery oxidised is attractive and stylish, while remaining inexpensive and affordable.

What kind of OXIDISED jewelry is popular and TENDY?

Oxidised jewellery is the top choice for women who love the ethnic, feisty folky 'rarer than the you think' style. There are many women who are creative or artistic mentality wearing jewelry that has been oxidized frequently. To express this as authentically as you can, imagine an influential literary critic or an independent artist, as well as an aspiring hipster musician at a prestigious literary or art event, chances are that all of them will be sporting oxidised jewellery. Women who love hippie and boho looks like the look of oxidised jewellery as well.

Other than that, in regional or festivals, oxidised jewelry is extremely popular during Navratri and other festivals of culture. Foreigners looking for Indian hand-crafted tribal jewellery are encouraged to visit Rajasthan, Gujarat, Odisha or Bengal for the most exquisite regionally-made jewelry that is fashionable and oxidised. The first proponents and wearers of oxidised jewelry are the tribesmen of any region which includes but is not only Rajasthani Banjaras, the gypsy people as well as those of Native American tribes, ethnic hill tribes, African and Asian tribes.

Usually, oxidised earrings and necklace sets can be worn with traditional outfits and sarees, but don't limit the oxidised jewelry to only the clothes you wear. It is possible to mix and match various styles of Indo-western and modern sartorial such as a rainbow skirt tank tops made of cotton and wear it with oxidised necklaces that are chunky or wear an unstraight dress with a floral or geometric chokers oxidised and large bracelet cuffs in oxidised sterling silver. You can also opt for traditional oxidised gemstone pendants or totemic oxidised earrings with everyday wear. The possibilities are endless in the event that you play with oxidised jewelry and accessories, the more creative you will be in your outfit choices.

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